Wine Rack Step 2

Today I made a bunch of sawdust. I got all the pieces cut out and they are now ready to finish and glue.

The first thing I did was set up my dado blade for 1/2″. It isn’t actually 1/2″ so I cut a scrap piece and measured it.

Width of Dado

I like to use callipers to take accurate measurements. Next I took the Maple and ran it through the planer until it got the same thickness as the dado.

Plane Maple

I used a scrap piece of Walnut that I ran through the dado to make sure that the Maple fit in the groove.

Measure Thickness

I also ran the Walnut through the planer to make sure that each piece was the same 3/4″ thickness.

I wanted the Maple supports to be exactly square so I set up my table saw width using the planed Maple boards.

Table Saw Set Up

Cut the Maple boards to 15 3/4″” long and then cut them into 1/2″ square strips.

Cut all the Walnut pieces per the cut list on Step 1.

You should now have a pile of pieces that look like this.


Using a zero clearance insert in your tablesaw, set up the dado. Using scrap pieces get the depth exactly the thickness of the Maple pieces. Precision is the key to making this project look nice.

Set up the tablesaw miter with a stop and dado the shelf pieces. The dado should start 1/2″ in from each end and then one more in the middle.


Setting up to cut the vertical pieces is a little tougher. Set the dado to half the height so the two pieces together just fit the Maple pieces. The top and bottom of all the pieces will be dadoed so that the Maple pieces are flush to the top and bottom of the sides.

The top middle sheld dados need to be 4 1/4″ down from the top and the bottom middle shelf needs to be 3 15/16″ down from the top of the previous dado.

You should now have all the parts cut and ready to assemble. They should look like this.

Finished Pieces

Next weekend we’ll finish and assemble the wine rack.

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