First Step

Depending on the number of clamps you have the first step of this project can take a while. There is a lot of gluing and clamping to get all the panels ready to cut and assemble.

It start out my cutting the pieces to length plus about 3″, that gives me room for the snipe from my planer when I run them through. I’m really big on machine tools and use my planer to even out the boards after they are glued, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here are the dimensions of the stool as a guide.

Overall Dimensions

Trim the edges of the boards with a “Glue Line Rip” blade from Freud. I use that because I don’t have a jointer but it works really good.

After you’ve cleaned up the edges lay the boards out and match the grain. Make marks, I use chalk, across the edges so that you’ll remember what pieces match up. Using a square make a small line across each edge to show where the biscuit joints will go. I made mine about 3 1/2″ apart.

Mark the edges

Align they biscuit joiner with the marks and make your cuts.

Biscuit Joiner

Now glue the panels together with biscuits. I used #10 biscuits. Put glue on one half of the biscuit and insert it into the slot. Apply glue all along the edge. Apply glue to the other half of the wood and apply additional glue to the biscuits.

Add Biscuits

Put the pieces together and clamp them. Not only clamp them from the edges but add a couple of pieces of scrap wood across the top and clamp them to help keep the surface flat during the drying.

Clamp Sides and Top

Once all the pieces are dry we’ll start cutting them to size.

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