Build the Box

Before I cut them to size I need to get the surfaces nice and flat. To do this I start out with a scraper to remove any excess glue from the glue lines.  ss_06_scraper.jpg

3-Piece Cabinet Scraper Set
3-Piece Cabinet Scraper Set

After all the glue is removed I run the panels through my planer taking off just enough wood to insure that they are smooth and flat.


Cut the panels to width and then using my tablesaw sled, RunnerDuck Project,, I cut all the pieces to length. Setting up a stop-block on the sled makes the job quicker and more accurate.


Mark the locations for the biscuits on the front and back and then transfer those lines to the sides.


Cut the biscuit slots into the ends of the front and back.
Adjust the biscuit joiner to a height that will allow the front and back to align with the sides allowing for a 3/16″ setback.


Cut a groove 1/4″ up from the bottom of the front and back. The groove should be 1/4″ deep and wide enough for a 3/16″ piece of plywood. I used my router with a 3/16″ bit set 1/4″ high.


I put a 1/8″ round over bit into my router and radiised the front and back edges of the sides.

Round Over Router Bits

Round Over Router Bits


Cut the legs into the ends leaving 1/4″ between the bottom groove and the top of the radius.


Sand everything smooth and do a fit check before gluing. If you are happy with the way things go together apply the glue and clamp.


 Apply glue to the biscuit and put it into the slot then spread the glue along the edges. Apply glue to the protruding half of the biscuit and to the matting edge of the wood.


Place scrap wood under the clamps and clamp everything in place to dry.


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